Richard Siegler wins the LVO!

The Machine is risen! Richard Siegler made a surprise appearance at LVO, only to take the whole things and win the ITC season! It’s a busy week for Mr. Siegs, as the Tau codex is dropping fresh on the heels of his Mechanicus Victory! Join us this week as we react to a monumental weekend…

There’s plenty of Hot Takes this weekend, both on the meta and on new rules! John and Jack take to YouTube to break down the new Vigilus Alone campaign on tuesday, while Richard reacts to the Tau Empire codex on Wednesday! Then, we put the newest rules to the test on Thursday as Richard gets his first game with the new Tau Empire codex against John’s Order of the Bloody Rose!

The games don’t stop on YouTube though, we also will be running two coaching games in the War Room! On Thursday, Richard is running his new and improved Farsight Enclaves against Nick’s latest drukhari creation. Then, John and Jack will be testing new lists for the Crusher stampede and Adeptus Custodes with new, revised points costs!

Of course, we will be running clinics as usual, with discussions on Tau, Sisters of Battle, and the Adeptus Astartes. in addition to a special bonus session where the coaches reflect on a season completed and talk about setting goals for the next one!


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