This week in the Art of War 2/7 – 2/11/2022

The 40k community is starting to catch their breath again after an amazing Las Vegas, and we’re putting all eyes on the new year and new season! There’s plenty of content this week with the team all back and rested from Las Vegas!

Tune in to 40k Today on YouTube to see the coaches talk about what’s going on this week, from the balance update to some recently announced Aeldari…

Nick Nanavati is back, ready to play the new Genestealer Cult against Richard’s LVO winning Adeptus Mechanicus! How will the champion adjust to a brand new mission pack, and will Nick have a successful debut with a new codex?

We have two excellent coaching matches coming your way in the War Room! First up, Richard takes his latest version of the brand new Tau Empire against Jack’s Custodes in a top-tier showdown! Then, Nick returns with his genestealer cult against John’s evolving Bloody Rose list…

There’s plenty of clinics and podcasts to dig in to, but make sure not to miss Nick’s Strategy Session series where he breaks down the new Nachmund mission pack!


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