This week in the Art of War 3/14 – 3/18/22

Hello, War Room members!

Join us this week as we dive fully into the new Aeldari release and get ready for Adepticon! We’ll be ranking each slot in the Aeldari codex on YouTube, starting TODAY with the HQs at 11am EST! Make sure to keep an eye on YouTube as Nick’s genestealer cults challenge the Silent King and his Novokh legions!

We’ve got plenty of action in the War Room, where John tries his hand at Shadowkeepers for the first time against Nick’s genestealer cults, followed by an absolute barnburner where John’s Harlequins challenge Nick’s craft world Eldar!

Of course, we have a packed schedule full of clinics, talking about everything from Harlequins to Chaos, and about what you need to know to fight the new Eldar book!

Let us know in discord if you have any questions for this weeks clinics!


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