What’s Happening in Art of War March 28 – April 1

The gang is getting back from an amazing weekend at Adepticon! We had War Room member Zach Point win the Adepticon Championships with his brand new menace Harlequins, following up a win over our very own John Lennon in the semi finals! We couldn’t be more proud!

Missed the action? Don’t worry about it, you can catch it in the War Room in our Adepticon recap!

John and Nick will get the week kicking off with a youtube video ranking every Harlequin unit! Then Jack and John will jump right into a coaching match in the War Room featuring the highly requested Harlequins v Custodes!

Our top subscriber from last month Lyle, has requested then Jack’s NEW Phobos Space Marine army of renown to face off against Nick’s Chaos Daemons for our youtube subscriber match! Donate to our channel to pick a match of your choice!

There’s so much awesome content this week you won’t want to miss any of it!

Follow along on our youtube channel, and join the War Room for access!


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