This week in the Art of War 4/11 – 4/15/22

Welcome to another week in the Art of War! There’s a balance dataslate looming from GW, so we’re preparing for a shift in the meta while adjusting to the newest arrival! This week sees the launch of a new Tyranid book, and John couldn’t be happier! That’s not the only news on the schedule, as we are also happy to introduce our latest coach, Matt Robertson! Matt will be a part of Meta Monday, as well as a new Tyranid Clinic with John this week!

The first test for the Tyranid horde will be Richard’s legions of Novokh Necrons, and will be followed up with a grudge match against Jack’s Craftworld Eldar! That’s not the only coaching match of the week though, as Nick takes the servants of Cegorach against Richard’s latest Tau empire list!

There’s a host of clinics as always this week, covering Tau, Harlequins, and how to beat Genestealer Cults! We even have the long-awaited return of Mathhammer this Friday, and a much-requested tier list on Tuesday… Let us know what you’re most excited for this week!


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