This week in the Art of War 4/25 – 4/29/22

We’ve got a full week lined up here at the Art of War! The dust is starting to settle from consecutive codexes and a balance patch, so tune in to see how the meta falls into place! John, Jack and Nick are heading off to the Dallas Open, and a session of the War Room Live!

This week, the coaching matches will be all about practicing for the big event. First up, Jack is taking his Deathwatch Army of Renown against Nick’s Craftworld Eldar, to test how much the Armor of Contempt rule will help the Imperium’s premiere xenos hunters. Then, John is taking his latest Tyranid list against Ricahrd’s Tau Empire, to see if the Hive Mind can weather the Greater Good firepower!

You’ll want to check out all of our clinics in the War Room this week, as we cover everything from AdMech to Tau, Space Marines, and how to defeat Tyranids! This week also sees the return of our Faction Tier List, as Jack and Richard sit down to rank every army in the game! You’ll also want to watch this week’s YouTube game, as Nick’s genestealer cults rebel against the Four-Armed Emperor in a special subscriber request match!

Let us know what you are most looking forward to this week!


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