This week in the Art of War 4/4 – 4/8/22

Welcome back to another excellent week in the War Room! We’re kicking off the week with another series of Tier Lists, this time John and Jack are ranking each slot of the Space Marine codex! We’ll have our usual staples as well, with 40k Today and Meta Monday!

There’s a balance dataslate coming soon, so Richard and Jack are testing new concepts for their Tau and Craftworld armies to prepare for upcoming changes! We’ll also have a second coaching match on Thursday when John takes his Adeptas Sororitas up against Jack’s Custodes.

There’s a new style of clinic in the war room this week, as the coaches talk about how to pick your playstyle! Of course, there’s going to be another Know thy Enemy as well, where John and Brad dial in on the nefarious Genestealer Cults and what tricks you need to know.

Make sure to tune into our YouTube game this week, where the Dark Angels return to stream to challenge Nick’s Craftworld Eldar!


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