War Room Guide and Tour

Welcome to the War Room!  This page will describe how to navigate the website and access our video content as part of your membership.  It will also describe how to join our discord server, the place to talk competitive 40k with a positive community of like-minded individuals.

The War Room

So, you have joined the War Room, where do you start?  Watch the short video below, which is a virtual tour of the War Room and how to best navigate the website to access our content—coaching matches, strategy sessions, meta Mondays, faction clinics, back to basics, and much more! (Note to watch the videos on the website via your Smart or Apple TV follow these instructions:

Smart TV instructions!

Videos that are “private” and require a password will be unsearchable through the Vimeo app on a Smart TV or Apple TV. To access private Vimeo videos, you will need to add them to your Watch Later list on Vimeo. Here is how to do so: 

Step 1

  1. Set up a basic (free) account at https://vimeo.com/upgrade. The link to a basic account is listed right below the header.

Step 2

  1. On your computer or laptop, log in to your Vimeo account.
  2. In your email program, open the email message that has the vimeo link to your private video.
  3. Open the video, enter the password.
  4. On the top right corner of the video, click the Clock Icon to Add To Watch Later list.
  5. Repeat this for each video, adding each video to your Watch Later List.
  6. You only need to do this step once per video.

Step 3

  1. On your Smart TV or Apple TV or other streaming device, load up your Vimeo App.
  2. Sign in to your free account.
  3. Access your private videos from the Watch Later list.
  4. You’ll still need to enter the password for each video, as long as they are set to Private, rather than Public.

Now your private videos will play on your big Smart TV!


To join the discord utilize the Discord widget below for an invite!

Once there, click the green checkmark under the “rules-must-accept” channel. Then head over to the “get-roles” channel in order to choose the faction channels you want access to.

Finally, if you are a War Room subscriber, head to “warroom-verification” to gain the War Room tag, allowing you to access all the War Room specific channels on the discord where the conversation around all our subscriber content happens.  You can ask any questions in advance or after the live clinics in those channels by tagging the relevant Art of War coaches.


Our facebook group is a relic of the old War Room at this point as the vast majority of our community is now on Discord and that is where our engagement takes place.  However, if you would like access to the group, simply request to join it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aow40kwarroom by pasting your order number into the appropriate question so we can confirm your membership.


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