This week in the Art of War 5/16 – 5/20/22

Happy Monday, Art of War fans! The meta is starting to settle as Tyranids are toned down, but the Art of War team is hear to guide you through the week! We’re continuing our preparation for WTC in the War Room, as our team tournament veterans break down the format! We’ll continue to break down new rules, as the new Imperial Knight codex makes its War Room debut! Our other coaching match this week features Nick Nanavati returning to Drukhari, showing off their new Army of Renown against Jack’s Orks!

There’s plenty going on in the War Room this week, as the coaches discuss Tyranids and their new FAQ, as well as Space Marines, Drukhari and how to beat Thousand Sons!

You’ll also want to tune in to our YouTube channel, as Jack and Nick team up for a long-awaited Death Guard tier list, and Jack plays the Deathwatch army of renown against Nick’s Thousand Sons army!

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