This week in the Art of War 5/23 – 5/27/22

Welcome 40k fanatics! We’ve got a packed week full of high-caliber content coming your way! First up, we’ll be reflecting on all of the events that happened in a busy weekend, in Meta Monday! We’re showing off a top tier matchup this week as Nick’s Craftworld Eldar take on John’s Tyranids, and then we’ll continue with Jack testing his revamped Custodes against Nick’s Thousand Sons!

We’ve got a great run of clinics this week, covering all kinds of Eldar, Custodes, and how to play against Chaos Knights! Make sure to check out our YouTube channel as well, where Jack and Nick will be ranking Thousand Sons in this week’s Tier List!

We’ll also be showing off Imperial Knights on YouTube, as Jack takes the new freeblade lance army of renown against Nick’s Genestealer Cults.

Let us know what you’re most excited for this week!

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