This week in the Art of War 6/13 – 6/17/22

Welcome Wargamers! We have a ton of great content coming your way this week as we gear up for a new GT pack! There was a ton of events this weekend, and John and Skari will be breaking down what happened in Meta Monday! We’ll also be continuing our WTC series, and breaking down how to use Math in your games of Warhammer. We also have a thrilling Coaching Match as Nick and Jack go head to head in a game of Space Wolves vs Orks! Worry not, there’s a second coaching game coming this weekend on Saturday!

We’ve got tons of exciting content coming up on YouTube as well! Jack and John are diving in to the Horus Heresy in their discussion of the Traitor Legions. We also have a special request match, where Jack and John are playing a game of Crusade rules!

Our War Room clinics this week are covering everything from Chaos Knights and Sisters to Orks and Black Templars! Let us know what questions you have for this week’s events on discord!

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