This week in the Art of War 6/20 – 6/24/22

Welcome to a thrilling new week in the Art of War! With new releases comes new content! The Nephilim GT pack has finally dropped, and we’re here to discuss how it has shifted the game for each army! We’re releasing two videos a day in the War Room to talk about how this shifts the meta for each army in the game! Make sure to catch the Hot Takes video we’ve already released talking about the major shifts coming your way! We’ll even be ranking the new secondaries in a tier list on Tuesday!

Each of our games this week will be highlighting the changes to the game, and each faction’s secondaries. Our first coaching match will feature John’s Sororitas vs Jack’s Space Marines! Then, make sure to catch Richard’s Necrons on YouTube as they face off with Nick’s Death Guard. The action doesn’t stop there though, as we’ll be pre-recording a game with the brand new Chaos Space Marine codex. You’ll want to come back on Saturday for a full day of Chaotic Madness!

The Art of War is continuing its trip back in time to the 31st millenium. This week, Jack and John are breaking down the new missions in Horus Heresy 2nd edition! Somehow, there’s even more content coming this week still! Three of our coaches will be at Charity Hammer, a marathon stream all weekend long to benefit Child’s Play! Make sure to tune in and support our friends at Best in Tabletop in their quest to raise $50,000 for the Child’s Play charity!

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