This week in the Art of War 6/6 – 6/10/22

It’s a brand new week with the Art of War!

We’ve got a load of exciting content coming your way this week! First up, we’re introducing some Horus Heresy content for the first time on our YouTube Channel! Tune in on tuesday to watch John and Richard rank all of the loyal legions in a tier list! We’ll also have the Necrons making a return to our stream on Wednesday to take on John’s Sisters of Battle!

We also have some great matchups in the War Room, as the coaches continue to test out new armies! Nick is playing his first game with Space Wolves, and will be facing off against Richard’s Adeptus Mechanicus! We’ll also have the forces of the Tau empire going up against John’s Chaos Knights!

We have a host of faction clinics as well, covering armies from Necrons and Drukhari to Blood Angels and Tau! Make sure to tune in as well for a Know thy Enemy where Brad and John go over what you need to know about the new Imperial Knights codex!

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