This week in the Art of War 7/18 – 7/22

The team is back from a successful road trip to Tennessee! There’s still a ton to look forward to though, as the WTC is fast approaching! Lists have gone live for the big event, so make sure to tune in to Meta Monday and our WTC clinic today!

We’ll have lots to cover in our games this week, as our coaching matches explore the Codex Astartes. John’s Dark Angels take on Richard’s Grey Knights, then Nick writes his own Space Wolves saga against the Astra Militarum on Thursday! You’ll also want to check out the CRAZIEST list from ATC on Wednesday, when Nick takes his triple Tantalus Drukhari against John’s Sisters of Battle!

We have a full slate of faction clinics in the War Room this week, so tune in to learn more about Orks, Knights, Thousand Sons, and combating the new Chaos Space Marines! You’ll also want to tune in to our YouTube channel, where Jack and Nick will be ranking the full Chaos Space Marines codex!


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