This week in the Art of War 8/1 – 8/5/22

Happy Monday, War Room members! We’re gearing up for the WTC in Belgium, and this marks our final week before the coaches head off to the biggest team event of the year! You’ll want to tune in for the last WTC clinic today, as well as a Meta Monday recapping one the most balanced weekends of ninth edition!

We’re making some exciting videos live this week on YouTube, starting off with a Tyranid Tier list! John and Nick will be ranking every datasheet from our Hive Mind overlords. Then, tune in on Wednesday for a stream game after fix my list! Abaddon will be making his debut in Jack’s Black Legion against John’s Salamanders!

We also have two excellent coaching matches lined up this week. First up is Richard’s Ryza Mechanicus against Jack’s Word Bearers, and then John’s Chaos Knights go up against the Grey Knights! We’re trying out all kinds of new builds in these games, so you don’t want to miss them!

Of course, there’s a lot of top content coming your way in the War Room! This week’s clinics will be covering everything from Genestealer Cult and Imperial Guard to Dark Angels and beating Necrons. You’ll also want to check out our YouTube series starting this saturday, where we break down every faction in the game in a series of pre-recorded videos while we’re away!


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