This week in the Art of War 8/29 – 9/2/22

Join the Art of War team this week as they welcome in our new Daemon overlords! Codex: Chaos Daemons is here, and there’s going to be chaotic content all week long! If you missed it, you can find our review of the Chaos Daemons codex on YouTube! We’re bringing Chaos Daemons into BOTH of our Coaching matches this week, as Jack’s Chaos legions take on John’s Tyranids, and John takes Bel’akor up against Richard’s Tau Empire! We’ll be putting these new rules to the test against some of the strongest armies in the game!

We also will have a full-blown incursion on YouTube, with Wednesday being a full Daemons slate! We’re ranking every datasheet in the new codex, and then putting them to the test against Richard’s Grey Knights army!

We aren’t ignoring the other armies of course! We’ll have a clinic on defeating Sisters, as well as Tau, Grey Knights, Space Marines and Craftworld Eldar in the War Room! This week’s strategy session will also feature Richard Siegler talking about how to pull casualties! Let us know what you’re most excited for this week!


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