This week in the Art of War 9/26 – 9/30

Welcome back War Room members! It’s another exciting week in the Art of War, and I’m here to share what you have to look forward to this week!

We’re bringing out another Tier List! Tune in to our YouTube channel on Tuesday when John and Nick rank every faction in the game! You’re not going to want to miss this one, catch it live to see where the coaches rank your faction, as well as the new Leagues of Votann! We also have a great match on YouTube as Nick’s GSC take on the Chaos Knights of House Herpetrax!

We have exciting games in the War Room for you as well, with our first coaching match featuring the Creations of Bile going up against Jack’s Black Templars! We’ve saved the best for last though, because our first game with the new Leagues of Votann codex is on Thursday! Nick is the first challenger, as he’s taking his Craftworld Eldar up against the shiny new squats piloted by Richard Siegler!

There’s a lot to watch in the War Room this week, as our clinics cover the lead up to LGT as well as Chaos Marines, Sisters, and beating Eldar! Let us know what you’re most excited about this week!


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