This week in the Art of War 10/17 – 10/21/22

Welcome to another week in the War Room! We’re bringing out a full slate of high-caliber games and clinics this week, as we’re showcasing some top-tier matchups! Tune in for another Leagues of Votann game as Richard takes on John’s Order of Our Martyred Lady! You’ll also want to catch Nick’s first foray into Emperor’s Children, but Richard Siegler’s Tau will present a stern test!

This week’s faction focus will cover Chaos Daemons, Harlequins, AdMech, Tyranids and Space Marines! You’ll want to watch Monday’s Meta List Breakdown with Matt Robertson, as well as tune into a Know Thy Enemy on defeating Harlequins!

The action continues on YouTube, with Jack’s tournament winning Harlequins facing off against Nick’s Chaos Daemons. We’ll also have a tier list with Jack and Richard, ranking the top ten units in the game!

Let us know what you’re most excited for this week!


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