This week in the Art of War 10/24 – 10/28/22

Welcome War Room members! The Art of War team is back in action after last week’s balance dataslate. We’re gearing up for upcoming events and we have a ton of content to show you! This week’s coaching matches feature Jack’s Twilight Harlequins taking on John’s Hive Fleet Kraken in a great exhibition of life after the FAQ! And, you can see the two latest books go head to head on Thursday when Nick’s Chaos Daemons face the Leagues of Votann!

Speaking of Votann, they’re the subject of this week’s Know Thy Enemy clinic, as Brad and John give you the long and short of the Kin! Our clinics this week also are covering Emperor’s Children, Craftworld Eldar and the Adeptus Custodes! Make sure to check out our new Faction Focus series, as Richard breaks down everything you need to know about the Silent King.

There’s more content on YouTube as well! Our game this week features Warmaster Nick taking on Richard’s Necrons as Nick continues to learn the new Chaos Space Marine codex. And, make sure to tune in on Tuesday as John and Jack present their ideal Balance Dataslate, with an unofficial FAQ of what changes they would make to the game!

Let us know what you’re most looking forward to this week!


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