This week in the Art of War 12/12 – 12/16/22

Welcome back to another week with the Art of War! We have a lot of content coming your way this week in the War Room and on YouTube! You’ll want to check out our channel live, to see the coaches discuss the deadliest units in the game, Astra Militarum lists, and the big announcement for Las Vegas! We also have a classic matchup coming your way on YouTube, with Jack’s Thousand Sons taking on Richard’s Grey Knights!

Meanwhile, in the War Room, we’re continuing our Masterclass series with new episodes focusing on the Sisters of Battle! We also have two dynamic coaching matches this week, with Adeptus Custodes taking on Death Guard while the Tau Empire faces off with Craftworld Eldar! We also have a great assortment of clinics this week, covering the Tyranid Mirror match, Imperial knights, and Scarab Occult Terminators! Our Faction focuses will also range from Daemons and Drukhari to Space Marines and Craftworld Eldar!

Let us know what you’re most excited for this week!


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