This week in the Art of War 12/5 – 12/9/22

Welcome back War Room Members! This week in the War Room, we’re bringing you tons of new content! We have a plethora of Astra Militarum as the coaches get their bayonets fixed and talk everything Guard! You can find a Tier List of the new codex on YouTube, as well as a Fix my List where Brad and Jack focus on our community members’ first drafts with the new book! Our War Room members will also see a new Faction Focus on Astra Militarum, and a specific video on the new Kasrkins datasheet!

We’re debuting a new Masterclass this week, as Jack Harpster focuses on Harlequins and how to play them. There’s plenty more to watch in the War Room, with two exciting coaching matches! Richard and Nick are battling once more with Grey Knights and Daemons facing eachother head to head, and then Nick’s Chaos Marines will be battling against John’s latest Sisters of Battle list, with some Freeblade allies!

Let us know what you’re most looking forward to this week!


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