4/5 – 4/9 Schedule

Hey, 40k friends! It’s another wonderful week with the Art of War, and we have plenty of great content coming your way! This week we are kicking off our stream house RTT with a fantastic giveaway, and entry is free! All you have to do is support the Art of War and our wonderful sponsors on social media, and you’ll be entered to win tons of fantastic prizes!

We also have a challonge bracket live now, where you can predict the overall winner and how each army will fare! Make your entries before Tuesday at 1pm EST when the dice start rolling!

Make sure to check out The War Room, where we host all of our weekly clinics! Watch Meta Monday, where the team breaks down this weekend’s results, including the Glass City GT!

You’ll definitely want to keep an eye on this week’s War Room match, as John’s White Scars make a comeback against Nick’s Drukhari!

The first two games of our stream house RTT are kicking off this week, with Nick’s Sisters of Battle taking on Richard’s triumphant Tau list! Then, Richard brings in his AdMech to take on Mark’s Emperor’s Children, bringing the primarch Mortarion along for the ride!

We’re packed full of great content for all factions this week, so make sure to tune in to all of the action and let us know what you’re looking forward to most!