About Us

Art of War 40k specializes in producing high-quality content for the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop tactical miniature wargame (40k) through live-streamed matches, coaching clinics, advanced strategy sessions, and hobby Q&As. We are focused on delivering the very best in competitive 40k content by putting together a coaching team of world-class tournament players, including ITC Champions Nick Nanavati and Richard Siegler. Our team is committed to not only providing the best competitive play education available, but also in building a one of a kind community. This community exists online through The War Room, a private platform that brings together our Art of War coaches, experienced tournament circuit veterans, casual tournament goers, and new players to form the most focused, positive, and valuable space for knowledge about all things competitive Warhammer 40k: the ever-evolving meta, matched play mission theory, list making and discussion for every faction in the game, and analysis of the latest rules.