Erik Lathouras

I’ve been playing competitive 40k for 8 years, and I understand the long slow grind it takes to reach the top of competitive 40k. I’m here to do the best I can in helping you achieve your goals. In my 40k career I’ve had quite a lot of success, consistently earning
a place on the podium or winning events: back to back Queensland Masters winner, Cancon 2019 winner, Briscon 2019 winner WITH GREY KNIGHTS!?? along with
a multitude of smaller events. Along with singles tournament play I have had my fair share in team events. I was Captain for two of three Australian Team championship events which our state won as well as being apart of the Australian ETC team that achieved our best ever result to date.

If you class yourself as a bit of a patient hunter then I’m your guy. I excel in playing quite defensively to lure people into awkward situations and preserving board control as well as knowing when to wait out my ideal moment to strike. I have quite a lot of experience with all factions but I live and breathe; Tyranids, Grey Knights, Eldar. My stance on 40k is that a more defensive play style will net you consistently more smaller wins but you’ll rarely be in the situation of crushing your opponent, this really teaches you how to edge out those really grindy games especially when you’re up against a stronger player!

I can’t express the value and importance of pre-tournament prep. The work that goes into building your list or deciding on what tech choices are best suited for your meta are the most important decisions you will make before hitting the tables. I’m here to help you learn to break down the meta and why people are making certain unit choices and how you can combat them and stay ahead of the curve.