Jack Harpster

Jack Harpster is a longtime veteran of the 40k competitive scene. He was an original member of the Beast Coast “super-team” and long-time practice partner of our very own Nick Nanavati. Jack has a string of impressive GT wins to his name such as the NOVA invitational and Battle for Salvation allowing him to maintain a top 20 ITC ranking.
Never one to overlook armies with untapped potential, Jack has a reputation as an list builder who favors the offbeat and the unorthodox over the tried and true cookie cutter lists. Jack has made his mark with off-meta armies. Uninterested in inconsistent strategies, Jack avoids lists that rely on going either first or second as well as lists that have any particularly bad matchups. His playstyle avoids wild aggression in favor of constant pressure to take board control and restrict his opponent’s options.
As a coach, Jack places a focus on improving consistency and in improving the ability to dominate both the macro and micro strategy. A noted player of a variety of factions, Jack knows the Imperium of Man inside and out, excelling with armies such as the Adepta Sororitas, Space Marines, Adeptus Custodes and the Astra Militarum. However strong his loyalty to the emperor is though, he has also won events with the forces of chaos and has an in-depth knowledge of the superfaction. If you are looking to learn how to consistently win games of 40k with an innovation unique style, Jack is the coach for you.