John Lennon

John Lennon has quickly risen to be one of the leading lights and best players in the competitive circuit. Captaining team Brohammer to a Cinderella season in 2019, John achieved third in the overall ITC circuit, Best in Faction Space Marines and a top 8 at the LVO, alongside several ITC Major triumphs. An architect of some of the hardest hitting and most consistent lists in 8th edition, John is a superb list designer, engineering them to focus on minimizing risks while playing the mission. John’s playstyle is equal measure aggression and conservative play, but it is his decision-making process on when to commit to a direction that he truly shines among his peers. As a coach, John prioritizes game knowledge, rules combinations and synergies that are reliable, with an emphasis on movement and close combat tricks. There’s a reason heroic interventions have become almost synonymous with his name. While best known for his play with Space Marines in 8th and 9th edition, John is a true believer in the four-armed emperor at heart and has won several ITC Majors and GTs with Tyranids and Genestealer Cults, including a Best in Faction Tyranids in 2018. He also enjoys the combat prowess and finesse of Slaanesh daemons and Harlequins. If you are looking to raise your game to the next level and dive into the details of competitive 40k, John is the coach for you!