John Lennon

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Howdy! I have been playing Warhammer 40k for twelve years, and started playing competitively in 8th edition. I’m coming off of my strongest ITC season, where I earned 3rd place in the ITC, best Space Marines, and was captain of the best team in the ITC. I’m an experienced general with Genestealer Cult and Tyranids, but have also won GTs and Majors with Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and Aeldari. 

I’m an avid player and stay up to date on the cutting edge of the meta, and place great emphasis on game knowledge, studying the meta and have comprehensive knowledge of every faction in the game. I love to bring underused armies and off-meta builds that can compete with even the strongest lists. I value consistency in my armies, and armies that can play in multiple ways and adapt to my opponent’s strategy. I will always prioritize speed, flexibility, and a diverse toolkit over a list that is designed for raw damage output. 

As a coach, I will help you adapt your lists to their most optimized form, and teach you how to unlock the full potential of every unit in your arsenal. I can also teach you how to battle back from the brink of defeat, how to preserve a points lead, and how to win games through board presence and positioning rather than tabling your opponent. 

I have a passion for teaching, and I am excited to work with you!