Matt Morosoli

Matt “The Thunder from Downunder” Morosoli

is a titan of the game in the World Team Championship circuit and the Australian meta. With a decade and a half of competitive 40k experience under his belt, Matt is a treasure trove of 40k knowledge and strategy. His trophy cabinet includes the Australian ITC championship in 2019, and victories at Wintercon, Terracon, and Uprising. He has also been a stalwart representative of team Australia at the WTC. If you are looking for someone to teach you a flexible approach to the game, focusing on faction mastery, event preparation and out of the box thinking, then Matt is your guy.

While there is no substitute for experience and practice, he is here to make sure that you are constantly learning and improving. Best known for playing a variety of Chaos armies from Daemons and CSM to Thousand Sons, Matt enjoys seeking out the myriad synergies that a super faction like Chaos offers. Alongside the Chaos super faction, Matt is comfortable teaching several other armies including Sisters of Battle, Necrons and Drukhari. Due to the wealth of team tournament knowledge, Matt is also an excellent choice as a coach for those preparing for team events.