Nick Nanavati

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Nick “The Brown Magic” Nanavati is a one of the most decorated and renowned members of the competitive 40k community. His accolades range from ITC Champion, four-time Adepticon Champion, and three NOVA Invitational triumphs in singles play, to dominant team tournament performances leading to back-to-back ETC gold medals and an ATC servo-skull. Nearing two decades of competitive 40k experience, Nick is a veritable gold mine of 40k knowledge and has transformed himself from just a competitor, to an educator and 40k professional. Preferring “toolbox all-comers” lists designed to have favorable matchups into most of the meta, Nick encourages consistent synergies and plays to reach the coveted podium spots at events. As a part of 40k history, Nick has collected many armies over the years and thus is comfortable coaching any faction, but he specializes in Chaos, Eldar, Tyranids/GSC, Orks and Space Marines. If you want access to the a veritable archive of 40k knowledge and an unorthodox view on the best armies for the meta, you cannot do better than Nick Nanavati!