Nick Nanavati

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I’ve been playing 40k for 17 years, and I’ve seen success on the competitive circuit for about a decade now. Some of my more noteworthy accomplishments are winning the ITC circuit in 2018, 4x winner of Adepticon. 3x winner of the NOVA invitational, 2x ETC winner, 1x LVO champ, and ATC winner.

I’ve been coaching pro 40k for about two years now and in that time I’ve helped tons of clients reach high levels of success, including winning multiple GT’s and majors. I’m very familiar with a multitude of different formats and metas, including ITC, NOVA, ETC, and the European meta as a whole. I’m also well versed in team tournaments as I’ve been on the USA/England ETC team for 7 years straight as well, as being the captain of the Beast Coast ATC team.

Over the years I’ve collected many armies, Chaos, Eldar, Tyranids/GSC, Orks, and Space Marines most notably. I’m well versed in every army, and can help coach and design lists for all factions, however we all have our specialties. I prefer to design more “toolbox”, balanced lists with lots of nuances to explore as opposed to bringing brute force to the table, as I find this helps give the consistency to chase the highly coveted title of undefeated at events. I want my list to be able to compete against anyone, and then to rely on my skill in game to carry me to the win, and this is the mantra I try to teach to my students.