Richard Siegler

Richard “The Machine” Siegler

is best known for his incredible 2019 ITC season—his first ever—in which he won the entire ITC after claiming victory at LVO, NOVA, the 10k Pro Tabletop event, and Warzone Atlanta among other tournaments. These championships also spurred Richard into Team USA for the World Team Championships. Pioneering that season with the T’au Empire and later “Broviathan” Iron Hands, Richard’s playstyle centers on durability, midfield board control, and overlapping synergies.

Slow and steady wins the race for Richard as his patient, methodical play offers him a certain comfort playing from behind and under high pressure situations. If you prefer precision movement armies that focus on minimizing losses and trading efficiently, Richard is the coach for you. While best known for his victories with the T’au Empire, Richard also enjoys teaching Necrons, the Adeptus Mechanicus, Grey Knights, Blood Angels, and the Adeptus Custodes.