Richard Siegler

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2019 ITC 1st place
2020 LVO 1st place
2019 NOVA Open 1st place
2019 Atlanta Open $10k 1st place
2019 Warzone Atlanta 1st place
Team America 2020

My name is Richard Siegler and I am currently the reigning world champion of Warhammer 40,000.  In the last season I was able to take the top spot in the global ITC circuit after finishing first at the Las Vegas Open, NOVA Open, Atlanta Open 10k event, and Warzone Atlanta.  In this breakout season, I became the first player to win more than one of the triple crown events in a single season, having gone 9-0 twice and 10-0 once.  My success has also earned me a place on Team America in their quest to win the World Team Championships in 2020.

Stylistically, I value defense and durability over offense and tend to play board control armies that have the flexibility to be aggressive if needed.  My lists tend to play balanced all-comers lists that can take on any of the current meta lists and different mission formats (I have won events in the NOVA, Warzone, ITC, Pro Tabletop and ETC formats).  I am willing to coach clients looking to master Tau, Grey Knights, Marines, Adeptus Mechanicus, or Custodes.