Ridvan “Skari” Martinez

Ridvan 'Skari' Martinez

has been playing 40k for over 20 years. Skari, is the Assitant Captain of the Canadian 40k World Team Championship (WTC) Team. He has won, the Capitol City Bloodbath, a 120 person major and various other GTs and Majors over the last 3 years. He has consistently been at the top of the best Drukhari rankings of the ITC winning it in 2020. He is best known for his fantastic attitude and positive outlook on the game, great sportsmanship. His passion is the Drukhari faction and he has honed his skills with them playing them almost exclusively for the last 10 years. His passion is in creative list writing and skill development that is transferable from faction to faction and from edition to edition. Ridvan plays very fast, hard hitting lists that emphasize on technical play and focusing on the gamine elements under his control to mitigate the impact of dice rolling. When picking Skari as your coach you can expect a personalized program that is designed to elevate your gameplay into something that you can apply and use for many years to come, from mentality to the table.