Ridvan “Skari” Martinez

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Hello fellow tactician! I have been playing Warhammer 40k since 3rd Edition. I’ve been playing Warhammer 40k for over 19 years! My competitive career started in earnest 2 years ago. In these years I have hit the scene hard winning multiple majors like the Capital City Bloodbath (2018) and the Basement Open in Canada, as well as multiple GT wins and consistent placings. I am the assistant Captain of the Canadian 40k  ETC team as well. A year ago I turned my passion – gaming – into a full time job, gaming is what I do for a living, this allows me to stay on top of the meta, go to multiple events and dedicate the time needed to help others reach their personal goals. 

When you have me as a coach you can expect a personalized touch. My main armies include Drukhari ‘Dark Eldar’ , Space Marines and Astra Militarum, however I have coached people in AdMech, Tau and even Grey Knights! I am versed in different tournament formats like ETC and ITC but also Michigan GT style and other more esoteric mission packs like Adepticon. 

One of my greatest strengths is my tenacity, the ability to use sub par armies and units to great effect in a competitive scene, this allows me to consider out of the box options for list building that go against the mainstream. On the tabletop you can expect to learn the tactical aspects that -you- can control to make the game easier to win as well as strategic theories such as defence in detail and many board control strategies. 

I look forward to working with you!