Ridvan “Skari” Martinez

Ridvan 'Skari' Martinez

I’m Ridvan Martinez (aka Skari). I have been on the Art of War team since it was founded. Tambien soy Mexicano y hablo Español, tengo clientes de habla hispana. I specialize in competitive positive mentality with a specialization in mastering the art of the underdog and maximizing results with off meta armies and lists. I am THE worlds best Drukhari faction expert. However , I will coach anyone with any army. My other armies include Black Templars, Necrons and Astra Militarum. I’ve been playing competitive 40k since about 2010, I have won things and podiumed in others but here are some accolades: 4 times on Team Canada 40K for the World Championship (2018,19, 22 and 23) Podium Capitol Clash 23’ Multiple GT and Major wins including Capitol City Blood Bath 18’. Won best Necrons at the Warmasters 23’ I’ve been playing for 23 years , I have many trophies I’ll send you a picture. Coaching Experience: I have been on the Art of War coaching team since it was founded, and have been coaching since 2018. I have worked with clients both short (goal based crash course) and long term. What you can expect when working with me is hiring a personal trainer. Goal driven, data encouraged. Tap into my decades of playing this game over multiple editions, set a goal and let me help you achieve it.