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40k Today: Talking about the GW Open

August 16, 2021 @ 5:00 pm 6:00 pm

Brad, John and Richard sit down to talk about this week in 40k, including Richard’s victory in the GW Open!


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  1. brad how do you feel about doing 2 setups.. one one day and a second the next day. and use missions that work with either terrain for that day. Its what we intent to do at Battle for Salvation GT. 2 setups one per day with missions that work best for each setup. Also regarding terrain. is it bad or good to have all objectives have something to hide behind ? of can some be open ?

  2. guys i was super suprised to see some dreadnought lists actually do well in particular the custode list with 3 telemons that Rich played

  3. Whats Richs opinion on GKs in the GW mission and terrain ? such as NDKs ? do they work or is the best going forward inceptor/stike units ?