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Coaching Match 03/04/2021

March 4, 2021 @ 5:00 pm 8:00 pm

Join us for this weeks Coaching Match, between Richar Siegler’s Necrons and John Lennon’s Tyranids.

John’s List

John’s List:

Kraken Battalion:

The Swarmlord (Paroxysm, Catalyst, Warlord: Adaptation) 270

Hive Tyrant (Wings, Adrenal Glands, Devourers, Rending Claws, Resonance Barb, Onslaught, Psychic Scream) 210

20 Hormagaunts 120

10 Hormagaunts 60

30 Termagants (Devourers) 210

Lictor 37

Dimachaeron 230

Dimachaeron (Accelerated Digestion) 230

Kronos Patrol:

Neurothrope (Symbiostorm) 95

3x Rippers 36

10x Hormagaunts 60

6x Hive Guard (Impalers, Enhanced Resistance) 270

Exocrine 170

Richard’s List

Richard’s List:

Sautekh Patrol

Nemesor Zahndrekh, Warlord: Eternal Madness 135

Royal Warden, -1 cp trait: Hyperlogical Strategist, relic: Veil of Darkness 75

20 Warriors, Gauss Reapers 260

20 Warriors, Gauss Reapers 260

The Nightbringer, Cosmic Fire 370

Obsec/6inch pre-game move Outrider

Orikan the Diviner 110

Chronomancer, entropic lance, metalodermal tesla weave 100

Transcendent C’tan, Cosmic Tyrant, Sky of Falling Stars and Transdimensional Thunderbolt 270

Hexmark Destroyer, -1 cp relic: Gauntlet of Conflagration 75

9 Scarab Swarm 135

9 Scarab Swarm 135

5 Scarab Swarm 75

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