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General FAQ Clinic 01/07/21

January 7, 2021 @ 5:20 pm 6:00 pm

What a MASSIVE FAQ! John Lennon and Ridvan “Archon Skari” Martinez will be breaking down all of the important changes from today’s update.


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  1. Does this mean that infiltrating or fast cheap chaff units that are obsec are even more amazing because they can force a players hand? Seems like you don’t want to pass a chance to set up scoring primary turn 1 with the change to bottom of 5.

    Second, having cheap obsec units on turn 5, when most chaff is gone, to steal a hold more on bottom of 5 seems really amazing.

  2. The change to T5 is so powerful now for scoring. Everyone would have chosen to go second. Now it’s a die roll to go second. A die roll for the most powerful position (2nd).

  3. The person going first is going to have to do way more damage to their opponent over the course of the game because of T5. Going first will have to take more chances to do damage over the course of the game

  4. To what Skari is talking about cheap fast obsec… increase in stock in transports to protect these units?

  5. How do you feel about wracks going to 20 man blocks and being cheaper? I’m already brewing a list called wracks on wracks.

  6. Can you please level out the different audio levels? John is about 15db lower than Skari.

  7. And when Skari exhales in to the mic on his headset it sounds like Smaugg sleeping in The Hobbit

  8. Question post show airing so I don’t know if these usually get responses but when I was looking at the custodes points values I noticed the vexillus doesn’t have prices for the actual vexilla anymore, are you assuming these are now gone or simply that GW forgot to include them?