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Dark Angels vs Death Guard coaching match

March 11, 2021 @ 5:00 pm 8:00 pm

Welcome back to part two of our Thursday double header! Head to the War Room at 5pm EST to watch Nick take his Death Guard into John’s Dark Angels! Nick is getting ready for a tournament this weekend, and we’ll be showing how the Art of War team gets ready for the Clutch City GT, as John busts out his tournament-level Dark Angels!

John’s List

Dark Angels Outrider

Talonmaster 160

Talonmaster (Rites of War, Arbiter’s Gaze) 160

5x Infiltrators 120

Ravenwing Apothecary (Chief, Selfless Healer, Reliquary of the Repentant) 115

4x Servitors 30

3x attack bikes (2x melta, heavy Bolter) 155

3x attack bikes (2x melta, heavy Bolter) 155

3x attack bikes (2x melta, heavy Bolter) 155

Deathwing Vanguard Azreal (warlord) 170

Ezekiel (Mind Worm, Mind Wipe, Engulfing Fear) 125

10 Assault Terminators (5x TH/SS, 5x LC/LC, Teleport Homer) 385

2x Deathwing command (TH/SS) 90

2x Deathwing command (TH/SS, watcher) 95

Bladeguard Ancient (Pennant of Remembrance) 85

Nick’s List

Inexorable battalion

Daemon prince- wings, sword, talon, gift of plagues, WL- ferric blight 185

Malignant plague caster- miasma of pestilence, putrescent vitality 95

5 plague marines- flail 110

20 pox walkers 100

20 pox walkers 100

10 pox walkers 50

3 death shrouds 150

7 blightlords- bolters/axes 280

Biology putrifuer- warlord arch contamination 65

Tallyman- toll keeper 70

Contemptor- 2 volkites 150

Contemptor- 2 volkites 150

1 spawn 23

Mortarions anvil patrol Daemon prince- gift of plagues, sword, wings, talon, glooming bloat 185

3 death shroud terminators 150

10 pox walkers 50

Foul blight spawn- viscous death, rotten stench vats 85

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