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NEW Imperial Knights vs Sisters of Battle Coaching Match

May 17 @ 1:00 pm 4:00 pm

Jack is taking his first crack at the new Imperial Knights codex, and is testing out house Taranis! His first opponent is a familiar foe, the Sisters of Battle being piloted by John!

Jack’s List

Taranis Super Heavy

Vows – Defend the Realm, Lay Low the Tyrants

Knight Errant – Thermal Cannon, Judgement, Meltagun, Knight of Mars, Master Tactician: Machine Focus – 500

Knight Paladin – Heavy Stubber, Heart of Ion, Warlord: Revered Knight, Knight Seneschal, Princeps

Knight Preceptor – Mentor’s Seal, Master of Vox, The Virtue of Courage, The Knight’s Faith, The Folly of Mercy, Ion Bulwark, Heavy Stubber – 440

2 Helverins – 310

2 Warglaives – 290

John’s List

Bloody Rose Battalion

No force org slot: Repentia superior

Morvenn Vahl (Warlord) 280

Canoness (Word of the Emperor, Blessed Blade, Blazing Ire, Chaplet of Sacrifice) 100

5x Battle Sisters 55

5x Battle Sisters 55

10x Novitiates 75

2x Crusaders 22

Dogmata (Sigil Ecclesiasticus, Verse of Holy Piety, Chorus of Spiritual Fortitude) 65

Hospitalier (Litanies of Faith, Indomitable Belief) 50

8x Repentia 112

8x Repentia 112

4x Repentia 56

6x Seraphim (2×2 Hand Flamers) 104

6x Zephyrim 102

5x Zephyrim (Pennant) 90

Castigator 150

10x Retributors (4x Multi Melta, Hand Flamer, Simulacrum, 2x Cherubs) 225

10x Retributors (4x Multi Melta, Hand Flamer, Simulacrum, 2x Cherubs) 225

Rhino 80


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