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NEW Tyranid Monsters vs Drukhari

December 15, 2021 @ 4:00 pm 7:00 pm

This week’s coaching game is tuned in on the brand new Army of Renown for the Tyranids! John is taking the biggest bugs possible and pitting them against Richard’s Drukhari, a stiff challenge!

Richard’s List

Artists of Flesh Patrol Haemonculus (Animus Vitae, Twisted Animator, Warlord, Alchemical Maestro) 90 10x Haemoxytes (Whip, Ossefactor) 110 20x Wracks (Whip, Ossefactor) 170 20x Wracks (Whip, Ossefactor) 170 4x Grotesques 140 4x Grotesques 140 3x Talos (Heat Lance, Ichor, Talos Gauntlet) 315 3x Talos (Heat Lance, Ichor, Talos Gauntlet) 315 Prophets of Flesh Patrol Succubus (Triptyc Whip, Quicksilver Fighter, Hypex, Show Stealer) 95 17x Wracks (Ossefactor, Electrocorrosive Whip) 146 Black Heart Patrol Court of the Archon (4x Ur-Ghul, 4x Sslyth) 136 Archon (Djin Blade, Ancient Evil, Splintered Genius) 90 5x Wracks 40

John’s List

Leviathan Battalion

Crusher Stampede Army of Renown

Neurothrope (Warlord, Void Crown, Catalyst, Aggressive Surge, Swarm Leader, Strategic Adaptation) 95

The Swarmlord (Synaptic Barrier, Aggressive Surge) 240

Tyranid Warriors (Scything Talons. Synaptic Link) 66

Tyranid Warriors (Scything Talons. Synaptic Link) 66

Tyranid Warriors (Scything Talons, Lash Whip Bonesword, Adrenal Glands) 63

Hive Guard (Impaler Cannons) 270

Maleceptor (Synaptic Link, Onslaught) 185

Dimachaeron 255

Barbed Hierodule 275

Barbed Hierodule 275

Trygon Prime (Synaptic Link, Monstrous Size, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacks) 205


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  1. Question for John, does he think at first glance Crusher Stampede will make its way into his future tournament lists?

    1. The Army of Renown detachment rules prevent you from benefiting from the Hive Fleet Adaptations, though you still get the keyword for strats.

  2. Is there a reason John wasn’t taking any Leviathan feel no pains all game or just a brain fart? 🙂

  3. Wasn’t this game a draw or even a Richard win? Adam didn’t score Richard a 12 turn 5 for holding more and Richard got a kill