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T’au Empire vs Death Guard Stream Match

March 30, 2021 @ 1:00 pm 4:00 pm

Welcome wargamers, and get ready for a wonderful battle between two diametrically opposed factions! The sons of Mortarion are going up against the forces of the T’au Empire, as the Farsight Enclaves are back to purge all who oppose the Greater Good. The Death Guard, meanwhile, are ready to corrupt this young and innocent race and bring them into the embrace of Grandfather Nurgle. You can catch the action at 1pm EST on YouTube!

Lists can be found below:

Farsight Enclaves Patrol

XV8 Commander, 2x flamer, ATS, drone controller, warlord trait: through unity devastation, 2x marker drones 130

10 Breacher team, pistols, guardian drone and marker drone 110

10 Breacher team, pistols, 2x marker drone 110

XV109 Riptide, Ion Accelerator, 2x Fusion Blasters, Velocity Tracker, Counterdefense system, 2x shielded missile drones, -1 cp prototype: amplified ion accelerator 340

8 Crisis Bodyguard, 16 Airburst, 8 ATS, 2x Iridium Armor, prototype: Reactive Countermeasures, -2 cp veteran cadre, 2x marker drones 448

5 Pathfinders, 1x Recon Drone, 1x Grav Drone 80

DX-6 Remora Stealth Drone 60

DX-6 Remora Stealth Drone 60

TY7 Devilfish, 2x Gun Drones 90

TY7 Devilfish, 2x Gun Drones 90

Viorla Sept Patrol

Aun’shi, -1 cp trait: Academy Luminary 55

10 Breachers, Pulse Pistols 90

10 Breachers, Pulse Pistols 90

3 XV25 Stealth Suits 78

3 XV25 Stealth Suits 78

TY7 Devilfish, 2x Gun Drones 90

Inexorable battalion

Daemon prince- wings, sword, talon, gift of plagues, extra trait ferric blight 185

Malignant plague caster- miasma of pestilence, putrescent vitality 95

5 plague marines- bolters 105

20 pox walkers 100

20 pox walkers 100

15 pox walkers 75

3 death shrouds 150

8 blightlords- bolters/axes 320

Tallyman- warlord arch contaminator toll keeper 70

Contemptor- 2 volkites 150

Contemptor- 2 volkites 150

1 spawn 23

Mortarions anvil patrol

Daemon prince- gift of plagues, sword, wings, talon, glooming bloat 185

3 death shroud terminators 150

10 pox walkers 50

Foul blight spawn- viscous death, rotten stench vats 85


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