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Tyranids vs Chaos Soup Stream Game

April 27, 2021 @ 1:00 pm 4:00 pm

We have a great match coming your way on YouTube, as John takes his Hive Fleets into Nick running the bash bros, with both daemon primarchs backing up a Daemon patrol!

John’s Tyranids list:

Hive Fleet Kronos patrol:

Neurothrope (symbiostorm) 95

3x Ripper Swarm 36

10x Hormagaunts 60

6x Hive Guard (Enhanced resistance, Impaler Cannons) 270

Exocrine 170

Hive Fleet Kraken Battalion

The Swarmlord (Catalyst, Paroxysm, Warlord: Adaptation) 270

Hive Tyrant (Wings, Adrenal Glands, Rending Claws, Devourers, Onslaught, Psychic Scream, Resonance Barb) 210

10 Hormagaunts 60

20 Hormagaunts 120

30 Termagants (30 Devourers) 210

Lictor 37

Dimachaeron (Accelerated Digestion) 230

Dimachaeron 230

Nick’s Chaos Soup list:

Supreme command

Mortarion- warlord, miasma, curse of leper 490

Super heavy aux

Magnus- warp time, weaver of fate, doom bolt 465

Daemon patrol

Lord of change- rod of sorcerery, impossible robe, exalted relic (random roll), bolt of tzeentch, infernal gateway 280

Changeling- gaze of fate 105

30 pink horrors- icon 255

10 pink horrors- icon 95

3 nurglings 66

5 furies- nurgle 45

214 Summoning points


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