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New Death Guard vs Blood Angels: Stream Match

January 19, 2021 @ 1:00 pm 5:00 pm

Hello Art of War fans! Join us on YouTube today at 1 pm EST! We have a super exciting matchup for you, as Nick brings his first take on the Death Guard into Richard Siegler’s Blood Angels! Nick is using the brand new codex for the first time on stream, and will be showing off the big man himself, Mortarion! Death Guard have a dizzying deluge of new combos and defensive buffs, and they’ll need every one to get past the Sons of Sanguinis!

Richard’s list is designed to play the mission and do damage, but killing the favored of Nurgle is a tall order. This is going to be an exciting matchup where both players are tested to overcome the foe!

Nick’s List:

Death guard supreme Command

Mortarion- WL, gloaming bloat, putrescence vitality, miasma of pestilence, gifts of plague 490

Death guard vanguard- the ferrymen

Lord of contagion- plague reaper, extra wl trait- the droning 120

20 pox walkers 100

10 pox walkers 50

10 pox walkers 50

3 death shroud termies 150

3 deathshroud termies 150

3 deathshroud termies 150

Foul blight spawn- revolting stench vats 75

Noxious blight bringer- daemons toll 60

Bloat drone- flesh mower 135

Bloat drone- flesh mower 135

Plague burst crawler 165

Plague burst crawler 165

Richard’s List:

Blood Angels Battalion

Chapter Master, Jump Pack, Chainsword, Bolt Pistol, relic: Teeth of Terra, -1 cp Warlord trait: Rites of War 150

Sanguinary Priest, Chainsword, Bolt Pistol, Chief Apothecary, Warlord: Selfless Healer, -1 cp Angel’s Exemplar: Soulwarden 105

2 Company Veterans, Chainsword, Bolt Pistol 40

5 Assault Intercessors 95

5 Infiltrators 120

10 Infiltrators 240

5 Death Company, Jump Packs, 3x Chainswords and Bolt Pistols, 2x Thunder hammers 155

4 Sanguinary Guard, Encarmine Axes 120

4 Sanguinary Guard, Encarmine Axes 120

4 Sanguinary Guard, Encarmine Axes 120

5 Scout Squad, 4x Bolt Pistol, 1x Chainsword, 5x Combat Knife 70

10 Vanguard Veterans, 10x Lightning Claws, 10x Storm Shields 280

6 Inceptor Squad, Plasma Exterminators 330

Land Speeder Storm 55


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