Hang Out and Hobby 9/20/21

Jack and Richard put the finishing touches on their Las Vegas armies while talking shop and hanging out!

Meta Monday 9/20/21

Jack and Brad break down a weekend full of exciting events, with varied results all over the world!

40k Today! 9/20/21

Skari and Brad sit down on 40k Today to talk about everything developing in the world of 40k! There's a crusade brewing as the team…

Grey Knights vs Drukhari Stream Game 9/21/21

Jack on Drukhari? Nick on Grey Knights? The coaches play some unconventional armies in this head-to-head battle! Catch the action live on YouTube at 1pm…

Space Marines clinic 9/21/21

Brad and John sit down for a long awaited discussion on the Sons of Vulkan in today's Space Marines Clinic!

Know thy Enemy 9/21/21

Brad and John sit down to introduce another faction in the second episode of Know thy enemy, this time focusing on the nefarious Drukhari!

Pros and Khans – 9/22/21

Brad and John go head to head and debate about any and all topics, from which armies are best on GW terrain to talking out…

Drukhari Clinic 9/23/21

Matt and the Archon Skari sit down to talk about the Dark Kin, and their place in the rapidly evolving meta!