Math Clinic 6/19/21

Join Art of War coaches Adam and Brad as they discuss the mathematics of Warhammer!

Astartes Clinic 6/19/21

John and Brad discuss their loyalty to the Emperor and the Codex Astartes!

Hangout and Hobby 6/21/21

Come join John and Richard as they talk shop and paint models for upcoming stream games!

Meta Monday 6/21

Come join Brad and Skari in today's Meta Monday, where the coaches break down a weekend of events and predict the upcoming meta!

Deathwatch vs Sisters Stream Match

John Lennon takes his GT winning Deathwatch army into Nick Nanavati's brand new Sisters list in his first spin with the new codex! Check out…

Drukhari Clinic 6/22/21

Art of War Coaches Matt and Brad talk about the secrets of Commorragh and the Drukhari!

Strategy Session 6/23/21

Art of War coach Nick Nanavati leads another strategy session breaking down high level tactics in the War Room!

Hangout and Hobby 6/23/21

Join us for another Hangout and Hobby session as John and Richard work on their armies!

Sisters of Battle clinic 6/23

John and Brad sit down to repent and pray over the mysteries of a new Sororitas Codex, and ask the Emperor for enlightenment!