Faction Group: Black Templars

Black Templars

Every battle-brother of the Black Templars believes in the Emperor’s divinity, and is sworn to oaths of purgation and vengeance. Concepts such as mercy and forgiveness are anathema to them, and they see it as their personal mission to quash without hesitation all heretics, mutants, witches, aliens, and unbelievers.

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Ridvan Martinez

I’m Ridvan Martinez, I have been coaching with the Art of War team since it was founded. I am THE worlds best Drukhari faction expert. However , I will coach anyone with any army.

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Jack Harpster

I’m Jack Harpster, longtime competitive player and ITC 2022 champion! I specialize in armies that grab board control and pressure your opponent but I also have a soft spot in my heart for weird janky nonsense combo armies that are fun to figure out and play.

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