Meet the Team

Nick “The Brown Magic” Nanavati

I’ve been playing 40k for 15 years, and I’ve seen success on the competitive circuit for about a decade now. Some of my more noteworthy accomplishments are winning the ITC circuit in 2018, 4x winner of Adepticon. 2x winner of the NOVA invitational, 2x ETC winner, 1x LVO champ, and ATC winner.

I’ve been coaching pro 40k for about two years now and in that time I’ve helped tons of clients reach high levels of success, including winning multiple GT’s and majors. I’m very familiar with a multitude of different formats and metas, including ITC, NOVA, ETC, and the European meta as a whole. I’m also well versed in team tournaments as I’ve been on the USA/England ETC team for 7 years straight as well, as being the captain of the Beast Coast ATC team.

Over the years I’ve collected many armies, Chaos, Eldar, Tyranids/GSC, Orks, and Space Marines most notably. I’m well versed in every army, and can help coach and design lists for all factions, however we all have our specialties. I prefer to design more “toolbox”, balanced lists with lots of nuances to explore as opposed to bringing brute force to the table, as I find this helps give the consistency to chase the highly coveted title of undefeated at events. I want my list to be able to compete against anyone, and then to rely on my skill in game to carry me to the win, and this is the mantra I try to teach to my students.

Richard Siegler

2019 ITC 1st place
2020 LVO 1st place
2019 NOVA Open 1st place
2019 Atlanta Open $10k 1st place
2019 Warzone Atlanta 1st place
Team America 2020

My name is Richard Siegler and I am currently the reigning world champion of Warhammer 40,000.  In the last season I was able to take the top spot in the global ITC circuit after finishing first at the Las Vegas Open, NOVA Open, Atlanta Open 10k event, and Warzone Atlanta.  In this breakout season, I became the first player to win more than one of the triple crown events in a single season, having gone 9-0 twice and 10-0 once.  My success has also earned me a place on Team America in their quest to win the World Team Championships in 2020.

Stylistically, I value defense and durability over offense and tend to play board control armies that have the flexibility to be aggressive if needed.  My lists tend to play balanced all-comers lists that can take on any of the current meta lists and different mission formats (I have won events in the NOVA, Warzone, ITC, Pro Tabletop and ETC formats).  I am willing to coach clients looking to master Tau, Grey Knights, Marines, Adeptus Mechanicus, or Custodes.

Matt Root

I’ve been a competitive player ever since the start of 5ed.  I’ve played in over one hundred local tournaments and dozens of national and international 40k tournaments. I’ve had success with every army in just about every format – ATC, ETC, ITC, NOVA, team tournaments, and even leagues! I was even lucky enough to be ranked as the #1 ITC player in in the world in 2017.

If you’re a player who likes to hit hard and hit fast, I’m your guy. I specialize in aggressive armies such as Imperial and Chaos soup, Orks, Tyranids/GSC, and Dark Eldar. The virtue of these lists is that they are strong in any meta, are fun to play, and are often underestimated in their virtures – tactically speaking, aggressive armies are some of the most rewarding armies to play. They are easy to learn, but hard to master – my role is to help you bridge that gap.


I’m a firm believer that success in 40k relies on strategy well before you hit the table. Any coach can provide you with a list and the strategy of how to play it, but I don’t limit my coaching at that. My clients not only learn tactical acumen, but also skills such as the effective analysis of an opponent’s list, how to adjust for different tournament formats, and how to keep your list strong in a constantly adjusting meta. At the end of the day, my goal is provide you with the tools to be successful not only now, but also for the rest of your time as a competitor in Warhammer 40k!

Ridvan “Skari” Martinez

Hello fellow tactician! I have been playing Warhammer 40k since 3rd Edition. I’ve been playing Warhammer 40k for over 19 years! My competitive career started in earnest 2 years ago. In these years I have hit the scene hard winning multiple majors like the Capital City Bloodbath (2018) and the Basement Open in Canada, as well as multiple GT wins and consistent placings. I am the assistant Captain of the Canadian 40k  ETC team as well. A year ago I turned my passion – gaming – into a full time job, gaming is what I do for a living, this allows me to stay on top of the meta, go to multiple events and dedicate the time needed to help others reach their personal goals.

When you have me as a coach you can expect a personalized touch. My main armies include Drukhari ‘Dark Eldar’ , Space Marines and Astra Militarum, however I have coached people in AdMech, Tau and even Grey Knights! I am versed in different tournament formats like ETC and ITC but also Michigan GT style and other more esoteric mission packs like Adepticon.

One of my greatest strengths is my tenacity, the ability to use sub par armies and units to great effect in a competitive scene, this allows me to consider out of the box options for list building that go against the mainstream. On the tabletop you can expect to learn the tactical aspects that -you- can control to make the game easier to win as well as strategic theories such as defence in detail and many board control strategies.

I look forward to working with you!

Erik Lathouras

I’ve been playing competitive 40k for 8 years, and I understand the long slow grind it takes to reach the top of competitive 40k. I’m here to do the best I can in helping you achieve your goals. In my 40k career I’ve had quite a lot of success, consistently earning
a place on the podium or winning events: back to back Queensland Masters winner, Cancon 2019 winner, Briscon 2019 winner WITH GREY KNIGHTS!?? along with
a multitude of smaller events. Along with singles tournament play I have had my fair share in team events. I was Captain for two of three Australian Team championship events which our state won as well as being apart of the Australian ETC team that achieved our best ever result to date.

If you class yourself as a bit of a patient hunter then I’m your guy. I excel in playing quite defensively to lure people into awkward situations and preserving board control as well as knowing when to wait out my ideal moment to strike. I have quite a lot of experience with all factions but I live and breathe; Tyranids, Grey Knights, Eldar. My stance on 40k is that a more defensive play style will net you consistently more smaller wins but you’ll rarely be in the situation of crushing your opponent, this really teaches you how to edge out those really grindy games especially when you’re up against a stronger player!

I can’t express the value and importance of pre-tournament prep. The work that goes into building your list or deciding on what tech choices are best suited for your meta are the most important decisions you will make before hitting the tables. I’m here to help you learn to break down the meta and why people are making certain unit choices and how you can combat them and stay ahead of the curve.

John Lennon

Howdy! I have been playing Warhammer 40k for twelve years, and started playing competitively in 8th edition. I’m coming off of my strongest ITC season, where I earned 3rd place in the ITC, best Space Marines, and was captain of the best team in the ITC. I’m an experienced general with Genestealer Cult and Tyranids, but have also won GTs and Majors with Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and Aeldari.

I’m an avid player and stay up to date on the cutting edge of the meta, and place great emphasis on game knowledge, studying the meta and have comprehensive knowledge of every faction in the game. I love to bring underused armies and off-meta builds that can compete with even the strongest lists. I value consistency in my armies, and armies that can play in multiple ways and adapt to my opponent’s strategy. I will always prioritize speed, flexibility, and a diverse toolkit over a list that is designed for raw damage output.

As a coach, I will help you adapt your lists to their most optimized form, and teach you how to unlock the full potential of every unit in your arsenal. I can also teach you how to battle back from the brink of defeat, how to preserve a points lead, and how to win games through board presence and positioning rather than tabling your opponent.

I have a passion for teaching, and I am excited to work with you!