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Receive a tailored 40k army list to meet your needs by one of our faction experts!


Expert List Design

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Are you looking for a Warhammer 40k expert to craft you a unique army list? This product will allow you to choose a faction expert to design you a list for a set point value (one of: 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 points) and any criteria you provide to our expert. Do you want us to design the list around the models you have available? A particular theme, lore related or otherwise? Simply want the most competitive list possible for your faction, local meta, and typical terrain? Each list will be accompanied by a brief description on how to use it on the table.

When you sign up, please email your selected coach (order confirmation emails will contain their individual address or you can use the criteria for the list design. (Faction, Detachment, specific unit choices if any, overall playstyle or theme, and whether this list is for a specific tournament, local casual competitive, or purely casual game).  The coach will then design the list and email it to you with a brief description on how to get the most out of playing it and the role of the different units and how they synergize with one another so you can best take advantage of the list on the tabletop.  Once the list and accompanying notes have been provided, coaches will no longer be available for queries after 24 hours, due to time restrictions and other customers demands.

If you end up enjoying your list or want to go even deeper into learning competitive Warhammer, think about signing up for professional coaching (bronze, silver or gold) to further take your game to the next level with weekly one-on-one sessions with one of the best players in the world!

If you want to learn more about your particular coach, use our directory at

If you want to discuss particular details for your list, you can contact us directly at or message your expert on our discord server.

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