Group Coaching with John Lennon – Space Marines Faction Mastery

Do you want to learn how to play Space Marines at the highest level?  Join faction expert, John Lennon, in this 5-session coaching adventure to learn everything you need to know to play Codex Adeptus Astartes well and become your best!


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Group Coaching with John Lennon – Space Marines Faction Mastery



Are you ready to take your Space Marines to the next level? Join John Lennon, longtime Space Marine expert, in this group coaching series and become your best!  John will be teaching five sessions in successive weeks on how to master the Space Marines faction with an emphasis on the Ultramarines! Each session is 90 minutes long, with a Q&A afterwards and a private group channel to interact with John directly that will build upon the lessons learned in the previous sessions!  The five sessions, in order, are 1) Big Picture and the Detachments, 2) Designing Lists for your playstyle, 3) Terrain Formats and Deployment 4) In-Game Decision Making, and 5) Meta Talk and Tech.

Unlike other coaching options, this offering will be taught to a small group rather than one-on-one, but each session you will interact directly with the coach so that you may ask John any questions you have at that time.  After purchasing the product, you will receive an email listing information to email to your coach to best tailor the sessions to your need and to set you up for the sessions which will take place via a private channel on the Art of War Discord server.  Each session will be held on successive Tuesdays at 7 PM EST via the Art of War Discord.  The first session will begin on Tuesday June 11th.  Exclusive VODs will be available to all participants after each session regardless if you can make the live session or not.

This product is designed for individuals familiar with the core Warhammer 40k 10th Edition rules.  If you are brand new to Warhammer 40k, you will certainly learn a tremendous amount very quickly, but may find the pace and information in our War Room subscription ( more fitting and a critical foundation to succeed with a high level coaching regimen.

By purchasing this product, you agree that any video or voice sessions with the coach can be recorded, to be shared amongst the group, as well as for Art of War Gaming LLC to use such recording in any promotional, marketing, or other business activities.


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