The War Room (Vimeo OTT Subscription)


The War Room (Vimeo OTT Subscription)


How does the War Room help you become a better player?

Want to join a global community focused on taking your Warhammer 40k skills to the next level? The War Room is the subscription for you! Whether you are new to the hobby or a tournament veteran, we offer hundreds of hours of video content focused on making you the best Warhammer 40k player! If you don’t have the time to play dozens of competitive games, the War Room allows you to skip the steep learning curve of Warhammer and easily access the combined knowledge of professional players. We’ve got you covered with advanced strategy sessions, live streamed games between tournament champions, deep dives on every single faction, cutting-edge meta-analysis, and master class series to help you play like the pros. Sign up today to access our entire catalog of videos to start winning with your favorite faction in no time!

What video series do we offer?
Coaching Matches: Live streamed games between professional Warhammer 40k players focused on teaching you how to think, ask questions, and develop strategies like the pros.

Strategy Session: A weekly session focused on a specific strategic (macro) or tactical (micro) concept. Popular series include the mission series, terrain series, secondary discussions, combat jank, and retrospective analysis of mistakes made during a coach’s games to teach you how to learn from the games you play.

Master Class: A series which condenses a coach’s expert knowledge of a faction into a five part video series. The first focuses on the faction’s optimal playstyles. The second and third explain the key datasheets and how to get the most out of them using the faction’s strongest synergies and rules.
The fourth zooms out to a macro perspective on suggested gameplans, matchups, how to deploy, utiltize terrain, choose secondaries, and much more. Lastly, the fifth video puts everything you have learned up to that point into practice walking you through high level professional matches demonstrating exactly what you need to do to win with your faction consistently and improve your gameplay!

State of the Faction: There are several State of the Faction videos each GT Pack season, which will give you a snapshot of the ever-evolving landscape of what recent lists look like for that faction, tech choices and strategies that are performing well, advice on winning tough matchups, and much more!

Faction Focus – Datasheets: A short form video series that centers on a specific datasheet relevant to the meta that you need to know. It details its significant rules and synergies, how it plays on the tabletop, and its weaknesses for when you fight against it.

Know Thy Enemy: A detailed breakdown of everything you need to know about how to play against a specific faction. This series is done in two parts. 1) A macro perspective of the faction’s rules and datasheets and 2) A session showing you how to beat them on the tabletop.


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