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Experience the thrill of epic battles and strategic gameplay with thousands of hours of content featuring your beloved Warhammer factions. Engage in intense skirmishes and conquer your enemies as you forge your own path to victory.


You’ll get to work one on one with one of our expert coaches to improve your 40k game. We will work with you to help identify and set your goals, set benchmarks to measure your progress, and give continuous and evolutionary army list help to help you keep up with the ever changing landscape of competitive 40k.

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Every week the team at Art of War publish 3 podcasts, Art of War, Art of War Down Under, and Art of War Unbroken.

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  • A positive community of like-minded individuals focused on learning
  • Live-streamed games from the best players in the world
  • Hundreds of strategy sessions and tactical videos taught by our expert coaches
  • Active meta analysis to help you stay competitive
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Receive one-on-one coaching
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  • Our highest level of coaching
  • Weekly phone calls with our expert coaches
  • Tailored coaching regime to your personal goals
  • Multiple live strategy sessions with your coach per month
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Expert commentary and interviews
on a weekly basis!
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  • Early access to our episodes
  • Multiple exclusive members-only episodes per month
  • Enjoy the archive of all of our previously produced podcasts
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