Personalized List Help

Have one of our professional 40k coaches design a list for you from scratch or review and critique one of your army lists, so that you can have all the tools at your disposal next time you play! Whether you’re brand new to 40k or an avid tournament attendee just looking to figure out how to best tweak those last few points this service is for you!

Personalized Consultation´╗┐

Sit down with one of our professional 40k coaches and have a 25 minute phone, skype, or discord call to help guide you in 40k. You can talk to one of our experts about your specific army list and how to utilize it better, how to change up your army to deal with specific problems, review some of your games or tournament experiences, or even seek guidance on what army to play. The sky is the limit here. This is a service 100% malleable to whatever your needs are as the client!

Personalized List and Call Combo

Can’t decide if you want a list or call? Why not both!? The personalized list and call combo is the perfect combo package for someone who wants to have one of our expert coaches craft an army for them, and then have us take you step by step on how to use it on the table. It’s also a great way to feel out one of our coaches and their specific style before taking the plunge into personalized coaching!

Personal Coaching

When you sign up for a personal coach with The Art of War you get more than someone who’s good at 40k to help you. You get your own personal guide. We strive to go above and beyond for all of our clients, to help you get the results you’re looking for. Each coach has their own personal styles and methodologies which we then tailor for your specific needs. We begin by helping you identify your goals and your playstyle, then help you achieve those goals while finding the army style that best fits you. We provide a structured plan with benchmarks to measure your success, and a malleable plan which will help you grow as a player. In this package you will get continuous and evolutionary army list help to help you keep up with the everchanging landscape of competitive 40k. Finally, you will get one 25 minute call per week to with your coach to go over your games, and check in with your progress. Lastly, you will also get access to The War Room!