Chaos Clinic 6/1/22

Matt Robertson and Matt Morosoli team up to discuss everything chaotic in the game of Warhammer!

Thousand Sons Clinic

Brad and Nick are here to discuss the mysteries of Magnus in this Thousand Sons clinic!

Chaos Clinic

Let the Galaxy Burn! The Heretic Astartes are revitalized by the armor of contempt, while Chaos Knights lurk around the corner… Tune in as Brad…

Chaos Clinic

Brad and Matt team up to talk about how Chaos has changed in the recent balance datasheet!

Chaos Clinic 12/24/21

Nick Nanavati is back in the arms of Chaos! See how the original Daemon Prince of the warp storm is returning to the Dark Gods,…

Chaos Clinic 11/17/21

Brad and Matt are ready to divine the mysteries of the warp and the new meta in this Chaos Clinic!

Chaos Clinic 11/9/21

The forces of chaos must mutate to adapt to the meta, and Brad and Matt are here to guide you!

Chaos Clinic 11/2/21

What’s a heretic to do? Matt Morosoli and Brad Chester sit down to talk about everything Chaos in this clinic!