Hangout and Hobby 1/19/2022

The road to LVO includes some last-minute painting! Join Jack and John as they talk shop and finish up their armies!

Hangout and Hobby 12/21/21

Nick and John sit down for the last hobby session of the year! Come hang out in chat as we paint models and talk shop!

Hangout and Hobby 12/6/21

John and Skari are hanging out and painting while talking shop! Join them in the chat while they put some paint on their models!

Hangout and Hobby 11/29/2021

Join Jack and Nick as they sit down to paint models and talk shop! Come hang out in chat as the crew works on their…

Hang out and Hobby 11/17/21

There’s nothing like painting last minute before a tournament! Nick and Richard sit down to finish up their armies for GW Austin event! Come hang…

Hang out and Hobby 11/10/21

More hanging out, and more hobby! Richard and John continue the paint grind while hanging out with the chat and talking 40k! Join us on…

Hang out and Hobby 11/8/21

Happy Monday, gamers! John and Richard sit down to work on their tournament armies while hanging out and talking shop!