We are live in the War Room with: Blood Angels vs. Craftworlds - 07/05/22

Harlequins Clinic 5/26/22

Wondering what to do with your clowns? Archon Skari and Matt Morosoli sit down to talk about Harlequins!

Harlequins clinic 4/15/22

The Archon Skari sits down Brad Chester to talk about where Harlequins landed after a balance datasheet!

Know Thy Enemy: Harlequins part 2

Ready to learn more about the pointy eared menace sweeping the meta? John and Brad sit down to discuss how to beat Harlequins on the…

Road to Adepticon: Part 3

John sits down to discuss the final list he submitted to Adepticon, and gets ready for the big week!

Road to Adepticon: Part 1

John sits down to talk about his preparations for Adepticon! With lists due soon, he talks about choosing an army and where his head is…